Metis Nation

First Métis Education Agreement creates a culturally responsive education system for Métis youth

On September 16, 2022, the Greater Victoria School District, Métis Nation of Greater Victoria, and Métis Nation British Columbia co-developed the first tripartite Métis Education Agreement for Kindergarten through Grade 12 in Canada.

This agreement will enable the three parties to work together to develop culturally responsive curricula and programs that meet the unique needs of Métis students. The agreement will also create opportunities for Métis Elders and Knowledge Keepers to be involved in the education of Métis students.

Key considerations outlined in the agreement include:

  •       Building relationships with the Métis community.

Métis people have unique needs in education, which must be recognized and addressed to ensure the success of Métis students.

Burrard Inlet Metis

This means that educators will learn more about what makes Métis culture unique and gives the Métis community a chance to share their educational perspectives.

  • Providing Métis-specific content, resources, and approaches in schools.

Creating opportunities for Métis students to connect with their culture and heritage is the ideal situation. It’s also important to provide support for Métis students so that they feel comfortable and confident in school, giving them a feeling of pride in their culture and a sense of belonging.

  • Supporting opportunities for all youth in early learning programs to Grade 12 about Métis culture, history, and worldviews.

Métis culture is rich and unique, and all students must have the opportunity to learn about it. This includes students in early learning programs, who can learn about Métis culture through stories, songs, and activities.

By learning about these things, students can better understand the Métis people and their contributions to Canada.

Langley Metis Lands

On a Personal note:

As a Metis person and mother of two, seeing this recent announcement, I feel immense gratitude for the teams that have done the work to represent our Metis voice.

It is exciting to see this implemented for my family and me, so students and their families will feel they are seen and supported. As a mom, I hope to see other school districts across BC look at creating the same equity for their Metis students.

I have seen the positive self-image my own sons have developed in the Langley School District, having access to the Aboriginal Program.

In the picture attached is one of my sons wearing the weaving he completed while participating in the program in our district.

It is a bright light that teaches us that change is possible when we prioritize collaboration and relationships.

Ultimately, all students need access to information about Métis culture, history, and worldviews.

– Carey