Carey Poitras

A resident of Langley since her family bought a family farm in 1985. A proud Mother of two, Carey is an advocate of sustainability and ensuring operations are more conscious of their environmental impacts, for now and future generations.

“I have watched our community struggle with accelerated urban area growth and still have the resources for parks and green spaces. It will take vision, communication and compromise. I want to serve on the council to contribute to achieving those goals.”
Carey Poitras City Council Candidate

Sustainable Problem Solving


The people of Langley Township want to be listened to. They want their voices to be heard, and they want their concerns addressed.


Communication is an important to the people of Langley Township. It is the means by which we share our thoughts, ideas, and emotions.


I am committed to working with all diverse points of view and ensuring collaboration exists for everyone in Langley Township.

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Where We Agree

Public Safety

Public Safety is an ongoing problem in Langley. I do not have adequate Fire Rescue and Police Resources. The Government of Canada and the Province of BC have the jurisdiction to prosecute, but the Township of Langley has an obligation to provide the resources. The recent murders in the City and Township of Langley highlighted the lack of resources.

Our Fire Fighters need all fire halls staffed, including Brookswood and Willoughby. The service in Willoughby has not changed in the past 15 years despite the massive development.


I will continue with the current efforts to deliver Skytrain to Langley and to enhance the public ground transportation system. The current council advocates “walkable” communities, but that requires goods and services to be within “walking” distance or Skytrain with enhanced ground transportation to get to and from work. 

Translink Taxes include 5% GST applied to the parking fee plus 24% Metro Vancouver Parking Tax. The total tax is 30.2%.

The reason we have to pay for parking is because we have inadequate transit. That means we pay a tax for transit that we do not have, and many of us are forced to pay for parking because there is inadequate transit

Public Transportation Langley
Diversity Langley BC


Langley is a diverse community. It is crucial to foster a community where everyone feels safe, respected and included regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability or income.

Climate Change

Like it or not … climate change is here. We have the technology, but we do not have the infrastructure. It is the Township’s jurisdiction. Not entirely, but it is the obligation of the Township to push this agenda. We want electric vehicles, but we can’t realistically plug them into our homes without additional infrastructure, which will place a heavy burden on existing resources. We must work closely with the Province of BC and the Government of Canada to upgrade and/or replace the existing power grids and infrastructure. If every citizen in the Township of Langley installed and used a vehicle charger overnight, some think the entire power grid would collapse.

A large number of properties in Langley rely on the Aquifer for domestic, industrial and farm water. There is no life without water. We need to catch up to the damage. Wells are being replaced and dug deeper and deeper. In the fall of 2021 there was an atmospheric river that caused flooding and contamination of the existing wells. The livelihood of farmers was negatively impacted, and our highway system was impassable.

These events will continue, and the Township of Langley needs to catch up.

Climate Change Langley BC
“I've known Carey for a decade, and I can proudly vouch for this fierce woman.”
Henrietta LeBlanc
Developers Langley BC


In 2021 and again in 2022, the Lower Mainland experienced extreme heat. People with no air conditioning died in their homes and long-term care facilities. Some residential strata properties do not permit residents to install cost-effective air-conditioning units in their windows because they don’t like how they look. Developers need to be required to at least install the infrastructure so that residents either have A/C or can convert to A/C at a reasonable cost.

Fight for Farmers

Farmers provide food. Without food, there is no life. The COVID-19 pandemic brought home to all of us the vulnerability of our food supply and the supply chain. We need not only to preserve our ALR land but also to support the farmers and ensure the ALR land is actually being used for agricultural purposes. We need to facilitate additional business activities for small farmers, including farm-to-gate for fresh local meat, dairy and produce. Our local wineries need our support.  We need to ensure our local By-Laws facilitate all of these businesses and work with the Province of BC and the Government of Canada to promote our Farmers and ensure they thrive, not just survive. Langley needs a Strong and Sustainable Agriculture community.

Fight for Farmers Langley BC